The design of your event is about incorporating details carefully and purposefully to create a comfortable, memorable and meaningful experience for your guests. 

A mug, a cushion, a beautifully wrapped bar of chocolate or even that odd knick-knack you love and just don’t know why… anything can serve as the launching point for a styling concept.

At C H E M I S T R Y, we’ll draw inspiration from what inspires you and take cues from the driving force behind your occasion to capture the mood you’re after.

Our tasks may include, but are not limited to:

  • full aesthetic design of event décor or shared design with client

  • securing and purchasing required rentals and décor items

  • decorating at event venues, handling transfer of any décor items between venues as needed

  • coordinating post-event particulars with venue staff members, including take down, storing, and next-day pick up of rental items

  • assembling welcome boxes with locally sourced gifts & snacks, itineraries and lists of nearby amenities to leave in guests’ hotel rooms, delivering boxes to hotels for placement in rooms

  • assisting with the design and creation of guest favors

  • shopping for and assembling child-friendly favors and activity packs for young guests


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