C H E M I S T R Y provides design and planning services for Weddings and Gatherings in Calgary and surrounding areas. We also assist clients with staging and styling spaces to promote products and services.

You’ll benefit from our established relationships with like-minded, style savvy vendors as we help you create memorable experiences designed with intention.

From luxe and lavish to rustic and downhome, we have our finger on the pulse of what’s both current and classic, while thinking creatively to add unique, personalized touches to your event.


At C H E M I S T R Y, our aim is simple: to ease your mind and free up your time so you relax and feel like a guest at your own party.

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Lynn is a creative entrepreneur at heart and a lover of all things design. From fashion and textiles to clever packaging and great industrial design, she is always drawing inspiration from the visual world around her.

Lynn brings years of working experience to the table with a multitude of events of varying scopes under her belt. She looks forward to connecting with new clients, tapping into what brings them joy and bringing those ideas to fruition.

Born and raised in Calgary, Lynn is passionate about supporting and collaborating with up and coming talents and businesses. She is always on the lookout for locally sourced products to incorporate in her designs and loves seeking out interesting venues around town where gatherings can be hosted. 

Having grown up in a family where sitting together to share a meal, swapping stories and having a good laugh was the ultimate expression of bonding and affection, she aims to replicate these same meaningful experiences for her clients and their loved ones.


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“We were truly able to enjoy our day and spend time with our guests knowing that someone was behind the scenes making sure that things ran smoothly.”
- M + C